Myers & Briggs tell me I’m an introvert.

My friends and family disagree.

I’m not sure who to agree with because, depending on the day, they’re both correct. I haven’t pondered too much on the subject because I’m comfortable with either. The differing opinions do, however, line up with the type of individual I am… which bleeds into the type of professional I am.

As an individual:I am a husband, father, practitioner of health and fitness, musician, backpacker, ultimate player, bike commuter, etc. I’m an even-keeled, honest guy who doesn’t get riled up about things, but (thanks to my dad) I also have a strong work ethic and am comfortable getting my hands dirty.

As a professional:I am trained and experienced in print design, advertising and branding, but also have years of experience in UX/UI design and implementation. While I don’t code back-end languages, I understand how they work and that the front-end system design needs to take that into consideration. Apart from designing (and all that entails), I’m also comfortable building a website with HTML, CSS, jQuery and some PHP or Javascript, if needed. Along the way, I’ve also gotten my hands into HTML emails, Wordpress theming and Flash/AS3 (though I’m not sure that’s so useful anymore).

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